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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we need guidance and acceptance. Life can be challenging – from dealing with family conflict, moving to a new home, experiencing a job loss, or going through a divorce, life stressors can have a great effect on our emotional well-being. Working through tough times with a caring counselor offers strength and healing.

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Everyone has needed a helping hand at some point in their life. When you were a child, you needed help learning how to ride a bike. As a teenager, you needed someone to teach you how to drive a car. As an adult, seeking out advice or guidance is also a normal part of life.

If you’re feeling alone and have nowhere else to turn, counseling can help you achieve your personal, emotional, and spiritual goals.

“Listening is the most powerful form of connection when someone is seeking to be heard… Understanding is the most powerful form of healing once they have been heard.”
-Ginger Irene Hannigan

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“I am so grateful for Ms. Hannigan’s support and guidance when I needed help through a difficult transition in my life. She is the real deal. With a truly caring personality, and professionalism, she uplifts clients and helps them see multiple layers and deeper insight, into whatever they are working through, She also is able to help you see the big picture and what will bring the greatest overall good in your life, when making challenging decisions. She is an excellent listener who invests herself with humility, and treats you as a human being without judgement. Five Stars!”

Sherry S.

“Truly caring and relatable, to me that’s a must. She’s awesome. 100% recommend.”

Dave K.

“Ginger is professional, genuine, empowering and inspring!”


“A counselor that really cares. Goes the extra mile to help create ways to help you if one does not work. Very compassionate, you can tell she cares about her patients.”

Sir E.

“I never thought that I would seek any type of professional advice about situations that I have going on in my life and I have to say that it was the best decision that I could have ever made. She is very professional and gives awesome advice when you need it. The brutal honesty is what I’m most thankful for because there wouldn’t be a point if she wasn’t. I’ve battled with depression and anxiety, to name a few and she was able to confirm that for me. She’s an awesome listener and is there whenever you need a listener and someone there who will NOT be judgmental about anything. She’s great at what she does and I wouldn’t change my decision in going to see her. If I could give her more stars I would! Thank you so much for your services! I am forever grateful.”

Leo D.

“Ginger has been practicing a very long time and is very experienced. I highly recommend her for individual, couple, and family therapy.”

Natalie D.

“Ginger is simply amazing! She Understands, doesn’t judge and provides actionable feedback when necessary. Talking with her is like talking to a family member. Highly recommend, most especially if you work for the school system. 5/5. 10/10. All the stars. Can’t convey how instrumental she’s been to my personal growth and understanding.”

Maxime M.

“I really enjoyed that she provided me with literature suggestions to read at my leisure that was relevant.”

Christina C.

“Beautiful Woman! Professional, good listener, genuinely cares. I just love her!”

Lynne P.

“Ginger is an amazing therapist, her couples counseling and individual counseling has helped me so much, I’ve been with many different counselors and never found one I liked until now!”

Kendall K.

“Great counselor. She is compassionate, professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you Ginger!!”

Barbara W.

“If you’re looking for a caring counselor, go no further!”

Chiara Z.